Facts about Nalukettu Houses – Mariya Group

Mariya Group is one of the most renowned and reputed Architects in Calicut offering the best Kerala house plans at the most affordable prices for all our customers.

Here is a read on a specific type of Kerala house plans- Nalukettu Houses in Kerala.

So what’s this Nalukettu Houses?

Nalukettu in modern Indian architecture is something that creates a lot of nostalgia. These designs are mostly preferred by the NRI’s & the people that love to stay close to Kerala Culture. These homes are generally full of wooden works

Highlights of Owning a Nalukettu Houses-
  • Ample amount of ventilation.
  • Sufficient amount of light
  • It’s melange culture & tradition.

Generally, Nalukettu homes are generally very much rich in style and class and even makes a thought among everyone that they are very expensive. An expert team can help you in building cost-effective Nalukettu homes. Above all, the dilemma is where can you find such architects in Calicut? We have Mariya Group for you. For the best Architecture firms in Kozhikode that deliver best in class Kerala house plans, we have the perfect solution. You may be able to find plenty of architects in and around Kerala. But to get the best one for making your dream come true, visit Mariya Group. The peculiarity offered by us is that we own a skilled and experienced team of architects in delivering world-class assistance

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