Sustainability Factors of building designers in Bangalore

Nowadays construction projects typically consume large amounts of materials & produce tons of waste. Architecture presents a huge challenge in the sustainability sector. Often weighing the preservation of buildings that have historical significance has to be done against the need for the development of newer, more modern designs. Some of the best Architectural consultants in Bangalore have already taken steps for promoting sustainable architecture for building a better world for the future.

What is sustainable construction?

Sustainable design is the thoughtful integration of architecture with electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering. It is the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles.

Principles of sustainable architecture:

Minimizing non-renewable resource consumption
Enhancing the natural environment
Eliminating or minimizing the use of toxic materials
Sustainable buildings have minimum adverse impacts on the built and natural environment, in terms of the building themselves, their immediate surroundings and the broader regional and global setting. Thus, the rational use of natural resources and appropriate management of the building stock will contribute to saving scarce resources reducing energy consumption and improving environmental quality.

Features – Sustainable buildings

They harvest all their own water and energy needs on site.
Will be adapted specifically to site climate and evolve as conditions change.
They operate pollution free and generate no waste that isn’t useful for some other process in the building or immediate environment.
Promote the health and well-being of all inhabitants.
Sustainable development is important for environmental stability. The main focus of Sustainable Development is to preserve natural resources and use them very cautiously. Many  Architectural consultants in Bangalore are working fastidiously to achieve this goal.