Kerala Style Contemporary Model

Knowing More About Contemporary Model Houses

Contemporary houses have got much popular these days because the construction of Best architect in Bangalore. They are attractive, classy and comfortable. Those who love something different would love building a contemporary house. What makes contemporary style this popular, have you ever thought? Here are some interesting facts about contemporary houses. They complement modern lifestyle combining it with traditional elements. Let’s take a look at the key features of contemporary model houses:

  • Strong geometric shapes
  • Utilising natural light
  • Asymmetric, irregular facade
  • Large windows
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable materials
  • Energy conserving facilities
  • Flexible layout
  • Open floor plan in L, T, H or U shape to embrace outdoor space

Industrial Revolution of the early 20th century brought the idea of contemporary model houses into popularity. The contemporary style f Best architect in Bangalore is marked by clean and simple lines that revolve around the idea of ‘form follows function’. Eco-friendly features like bamboo floors and solar energy system are mostly used in contemporary model houses. The large windows and skylights help cutting down on lighting costs. Most contemporary model plans allow the homeowners to carve out extra bedrooms and spaces when needed. If you are looking for contemporary model house designs, Mariya Group of Architects can help you build your dream. Contact us for more.

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