Green Buildings Architects India

Mariya Group, eminent Green Buildings Architects India provides ‘Design & Build’ services for Green buildings incorporating energy saving designs and sustainable measures which can save up to 40% of their energy requirements, which directly translates into cost savings for the customers and less load for the utility companies. We incorporate green building materials into our design.

About Green Buildings Architects India

A green building has a variety of advantages. We can broadly classify them into three subheads:

  • Environmental Benefits: Green buildings have a huge positive effect on the environment. They use less resources as compared to a normal buildings
  • Economic Benefits: It is commonly believed that green buildings are costlier than normal buildings. while the building is being made, it has been effectively proven that the overall costs are much lesser than the normal buildings.
  • Social Benefits: Green Buildings have a positive impact on the health of residents. Since they provide a balanced eco-system for residents, they have a positive effect on the productivity and well-being of those who occupy the building.