Green Home

While constructing buildings or houses we should consider the facts effecting environment .Architects now focus mostly on these environmental factors while constructing. Most of the buildings are now constructed based on the green home concept.

green home in kerala
Green home in kerala – mariya group

Green Home is a concept which is sustainable to environment. In Green Home buildings environment friendly resources are used for construction. In Green Home buildings for energy they make use of solar energy and use methods for rain water harvesting, maximum natural winds are allowed through windows, pergolas etc. Green Home in Kerala design concept is used by Mariya Group while designing their project.

A home can be made beautiful by its design, structure and interior work. A Kerala native individuals dream is to have a beautiful home in Kerala. To construct a beautiful home or building we should take the help of a best architecture professional. Only a professional will know about the updated elements in the design and construction to make our building looks adorable.

Landscaping also plays a vital role in the building construction nowadays. More greeneries are included by providing lawns , nature friendly feelings are included by providing artificial fountains etc in the landscape. Mariya Group is one of the best Landscape designers in Kerala