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Kerala is the land of cultural diversity, a blend of religions, communities, regional cultures, and language variations. The state lies between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, which gives it unique geographic features adding to the cultural variety. Vasthu plays an important role when it comes building an ideal home for a Keralite.   
Let’s get into the deeper sides of Vasthu house plans in Kerala. Vasthu is the science of architecture that guides people in selecting the path of happiness through ancient Vedic principles.Mariya Group is one among the best vasthu consultant in kerala It helps you in following norms and regulations of Vastu directions and placement so as to achieve the 3 P’s in life-

  1. Peace
  2. Progress  
  3. Prosperity

For many of us, there is a misconception about the Vasthu house plans in Kerala. People think a house build with Vasthu house plans in Kerala is the typical stereotype houses that we see in an old Malayalam movie. But that’s not the fact! A modern home comprising of all the luxurious amenities can also be built by following Vasthu house plans in Kerala. We Mariya Group being the best leading architectural Engineers  in kerala have taken the initiative to break that misconception.  

Get know more about Mariya Group:

Mariya Group is a set of professionals engaged in the field of Architectural, Civil and Interior Designing. Established in 1992 in Kannur Kerala by Mr Ashique Mamoo, we are specialized in landscaping, interior designing, house plans and traditional Architecture in Kerala. Today, Mariya Group today is among the most creative architectural design firms in South India.  

Our aim is very much simple –

Being architectural designers in Kerala, Mariya Group aims at offering the most creative and economical Vasthu house plans in Kerala. Our goal is to help you build your dream space at your dream location within an affordable price range.  At, Mariya Group we provide the kerala house plans in such a way that it fulfils the client’s requirements like luxury, modern design, cost-effect and satisfies all the concept of Vasthu. Visit us for the Vasthu house plans in Kerala and let’s build the most appreciated ultra modern home that satisfies all the guidelines of Vasthu with Mariya Group.

Our commitment is to deliver you the best.